We offer two types of art panels:

  1. These panels can be either made of composite aluminum, a very resistant and soft material that is also used to cover entire facades of buildings or of acrylic backlit which comes in either clear or opaline sheets. These panels can be used in all areas even the ones in contact with water and in extreme weather conditions both indoor and outdoor. The graphic image is laser printed on the support, hand processed with acrylic colors and metal pigments and then brushed with several layers of Epoxy Resin, making the product 100% waterproof and UV resistant. The largest slab size is 2000×4000 mm but walls of any dimensions can be covered by joining more than one panel together. The product comes in 6 different finishes, each finish can either be glossy or matte and can be chosen from the collection or customized.
  2. Onyx, gems, crystals or minerals looking porcelain slabs that can be either bought from the standard production or customized to preference. The size of each of these slabs is 1200×2400 mm.
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